Old Content

I’ve pulled my one unfinished blogpost off the site, as it was only up so I had something to test my Hugo theme with.

I’ve now placed it back in my actions list along with a rough outline. The previous version was trying to be and say too much at once; I’ve now condensed my thoughts into a clear, logical outline that should hopefully read a bit better.

I’ve also pulled out my custom theme for now. I wanted to setup a blog and bit off too much at once. Step one is to get some content up, step two is to then write a theme from scratch after there’s already something to display. The beauty of Hugo and other static site generators is the separation of content and presentation, there’s no reason to start by making a theme.

Rather than worry about all the bloat in the existing themes, it’s better to get something out there at all. That’s why I started this page in the first place, and it’s why there are nearly twenty unfinished posts waiting to be cleaned up. It’s time to get those out there, and then worry about the visuals around them.