New Theme (or: Why the font?)

Update 2017-03-22

I’ve finally found a dark theme that I like, darksimplicity. I’ll still want to simplify the fonts a bit, and definitely turn up the contrast on headers, but I think it’s a significant improvement already.

Original Post

This won’t be the theme forever, but I think I’ve found the right one to get me started on this blog. It’s called hugo-black-and-light.

Visually it’s nothing like what I want. I’ll want to tone down the contrast, ditch the overly fancy header font (Replaced Google fonts with Georgia + Verdana for now), and I’m sure I’ll find more as I go. Maybe I’ll throw all the styling away for something more modern looking.

But under the hood, it’s exactly what I want. Simple styling, semantic markup, and no Javascript.

I think Javascript is a fine language despite a few warts. And with service workers and custom elements being implemented by the quicker browser vendors, it’s an exciting time to be involved. But we’re talking about a static blog here: lean, mean, and compatible is the goal.

Maybe I’ll add Disqus or something for comments, and maybe a few other specific things that need Javascript. But only after the page is loaded and usable on everything from a desktop to a free-on-contract phone from three years ago on a slow rural connection.