Taking Github Projects for a spin

Today I started a new project on Github, setting up the initial boilerplate, the README, hosting, and project management.

Normally I would use Trello for something like this, but I saw that Github had a Projects tab now, and I like most of what they do, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

New Theme (or: Why the font?)

Update 2017-03-22

I’ve finally found a dark theme that I like, darksimplicity. I’ll still want to simplify the fonts a bit, and definitely turn up the contrast on headers, but I think it’s a significant improvement already.

Why is git ignoring this file?

Here’s a quick tip if you’ve ever struggled with an excluded file or directory in git, but couldn’t find the offending line in your .gitignore file.


It’s time to pull all my various accounts into one place, and this is going to be the one.

Old Content

I’ve pulled my one unfinished blogpost off the site, as it was only up so I had something to test my Hugo theme with.

I’ve now placed it back in my actions list along with a rough outline. The previous version was trying to be and say too much at once; I’ve now condensed my thoughts into a clear, logical outline that should hopefully read a bit better.